192 168 1 1 is the standard ip address used by linksys broadband routers other brands of network routers and home network gateway equipment network administrators use this address to set up a new router or update settings for an existing one.

192 168 1 1 ip address is most often used as the default router ip address by linksys an american company selling data networking hardware products mainly to home users and small businesses it is the default gateway of most wireless routers or adsl modems.

Well 192 168 1 1 is a router dashboard admin ip address and through this ip address we can manage all routers settings easily for this we have to open this ip address in a connected device and we can easily open this ip address on connected devices browser.

Features of 192 168 0 1 default ip address the 192 168 0 1 is the default ip address but still there are some features to look out for an array of users can use the same ip address but they should not belong to the same network and so one of the major advantages is different networks can use it.

192 168 1 1 is a default ip address to access the administrator rights like troubleshooting the router changing the ip address checking users and their bandwidth of the router and to access special settings like changing the password or name of wifi checking the ping of specified ip address device which a normal user cannot access this ip address is hellip.

Before beginning you need to know what the configuration 192 168 l l 192 168 1 1 stands for 192 168 1 1 is the ip address used as a default access point or gateway for all types of modems and wi fi routers as well as basic routers such as linksys and other network brands firms even set up the router admin access with the help of this particular hellip.

Open your browser and search for your router rsquo s ip address i e 192 168 10 1 once your page is loaded you will be asked for credentials to open the configuration page the default password for many of the routers that are using 192 168 10 1 is ldquo admin rdquo as username and same ldquo admin rdquo as password.

While the router has the private ip address of 192 168 1 254 the router assigns devices in its network a different private ip address all ip addresses on a network should be unique within that network to avoid ip address conflicts other common private ip addresses used by modems and routers are 192 168 1 1 192 168 1 100 and 192 168 1 101.

Popular routers with 192 168 1 254 ip address however do you know that your router also has a private ip address of its own many of the routers have an ip address of 192 168 1 254 some of the big brands like linksys and alcatel use routers that have it.