Ldquo the author said that the precise origins of pavlova can rsquo t be determined and that in fact it rsquo s misguided to believe that recipes are invented ndash rather recipes evolve over time often.

There are records of thomas jefferson who was an avid gardener experimenting with broccoli seeds brought over from italy in the late 1700s but although commercial cultivation of broccoli dates back to the 1500s it did not become a popular foodstuff in the united states until southern italian immigrants brought it over in the early 1920s.

Croatian desserts are dangerously scrumptious they range from rich and creamy cakes to crumbly buttery pies from wafer thin strudels to melt in the mouth cookies whats more many traditional croatian desserts are a mix of all kinds of foodie influences we have siblings among the italian french austrian even turkish pastries so enjoying croatian cakes hellip.

Chefs salad food historians cant quite agree on the history and composition of chefs salad much less who assembled the first one some trace this salads roots to salmagundi a popular meat and salad dish originating in 17th century england and popular in colonial america others contend chefs salad is a product of early twentieth century originating in hellip.

Like the 1920s the 2000s were a complicated decade they started with a war mdash the september 11th terrorist attacks launched us into the longest war in american history mdash and ended with a far reaching economic recession with deep ties to stock market speculation and like the first world war the attacks of 9 11 ended an era of social.