Now all you need to do is spread those amounts over 6 7 meals per day for more detailed information on building a diet see our how to create a bodybuilding diet article 3 you rsquo re not eating enough meals when you eat is just as important as what you eat the days of eating ldquo 3 square meals rdquo are long gone.

Day 3 same as day 1 day 4 same as day 2 rip it up like a superhero phase 2 diet meal 1 frac12 cup oatmeal combined with 1 tbsp of natural peanut butter cinnamon and sweeten with splenda 3 whole eggs scrambled or 1 scoop of whey protein combined with water meal 2 1 cup of greek yogurt 2 oz of mixed nuts meal 3 4 6 oz of turkey or chicken 2 hellip.

When it is hot clean the grate you will cook the bird on before you put the drip pan in week old grease and gunk the cooking grates will not add the kind of complexity you want in your gravy now put the drip pan and all the gravy fixins onto the cooker at least 2 to 3 5 to 7 6cm below the bird if possible.

There is nothing wrong with it but try and get as much protein as you can from whole lean foods chicken turkey fish etc hellip the average person should consume 1g of protein per lean body mass to maintain and prevent muscle breakdown if you are 150 pounds you need to be eating 150g worth of protein.

Find some recipes and instructions online for building a gingerbread or graham cracker house and collect all the ingredients you need to make it as fun to put together as it will be to eat each of your kids can build and decorate a structure of their own whether it rsquo s a house a tent a tower or something completely different.