Caffeine has many effects on your bodys metabolism it stimulates your central nervous system which can make you feel more awake and give you a boost of energy is a diuretic meaning that it helps your body get rid of extra salt and water by urinating more increases the release of acid in your stomach sometimes leading to an upset stomach.

There rsquo s no denying that energy drinks can provide you with a short term energy boost in fact several studies show that energy drinks may hellip.

3 chamomile tea chamomile not only stimulates weight loss but also reduces bloating to a great extent loaded with calcium potassium and flavonoids chamomiles ability to detox the body helps in getting rid of toxins and excess water a cup of hot chamomile tea before bedtime could help you get a restful sleep as well how to make chamomile tea boil water in a hellip.

The importance of mid morning meal ndash there rsquo s a vast difference in how your body reacts when you eat 2000 calories in two meals and when you eat the same 2000 calories in three major meals and two snacks the point is that eating smaller meals or spreading out calories in 4 5 meals helps your body to metabolize those calories efficiently.

Caffeine is a natural psychoactive substance widely used in foods and beverages across the world caffeine is found in many plants including coffee beans tea leaves cacao pods and kola nuts caffeine is also synthetically produced and used in medications and energy drinks for its energizing and alertness promoting effects.

If you want to know how to boost testosterone naturally and bring back your levels into a healthy range you need to kick the sugar habit because low testosterone and diabetes go hand in hand according to the american diabetes association ada those with type 2 diabetes are twice as likely to develop low testosterone.

Plus snacks also contribute valuable nutrients to your daily diet below is a list of some popular ww zeropoint trade foods that you can enjoy in hellip.

This article was co authored by tara coleman tara coleman is a clinical nutritionist who has a private practice in san diego california with over 15 years of experience tara specializes in sports nutrition body confidence and immune system health and offers personalized nutrition corporate wellness and online learning courses.

The wrong ones can do more damage than good but the right best supplements can massively improve your health even if you already eat a nutrient dense diet in this article you rsquo re going to get an overview of the problems with generic supplements how to pick the right ones and the top 10 supplements almost everyone should take.

Short term cold exposure may boost your metabolism by up to 15 thanks to brown fat a metabolism boosting fat triggered in cold temperatures it doesn rsquo t take much to activate brown fat sitting in a room around 66 degrees fahrenheit for 2 hours or drinking ice cold water is enough to burn extra calories passively.

Stick to the same bedtime every evening in the long run this will help your body prepare for sleep at that time no coffee after 2 pm just don rsquo t ndash and remember that it takes time for caffeine to leave your body limit your alcohol intake to three hours before bedtime while booze might make you woozy it worsens quality of sleep.

Water also regulates our body temperature and metabolism most nutritionists recommend drinking at least 6 glasses of fresh filtered water per day also look to supplement your diet with super nutritious foods like organ meats bone broth seaweed and organic eggs these are packed full of the nutrients that your body needs to recover.

Yep working with kettlebells consistently has been shown to both improve overall strength and boost your metabolism 30 bedtime snacks that are actually healthy.

Your body reacts differently when you eat 2000 calories on just two meals or divide these 2000 calories is the three major meals and two light snacks of your day eating smaller meals and dividing calories in 4 to 5 meals allows your body to hellip.