Directions step 1 prep and freeze trim all visible fat from steak then pop the meat in the freezer covered for 30 minutes or until firm test kitchen tip freezing the meat will make it much easier to cut into thin slices step 2 get slicing.

Use homemade taco seasoning we love to make homemade taco seasoning it is so simple and easy i keep this on hand and it makes a big batch you will save so much money making this at home it is so nice not having to buy the little packets all the time at the grocery store plus i love knowing exactly what is in the taco seasoning.

20 best new breakfast recipes of 2021 it was a big year for breakfast the most important meal of the day got even more innovative in 2021 convenience worked its way into a lot of our new breakfast recipes especially with air fryer breakfast recipes.

This homemade jalapeno jelly is so flavorful it tastes like a fancy jelly you would find at williams sonoma or harry and david jalapeno jelly i know this sounds strange but hear me out this jalapeno jelly is amazing it tastes like a fancy jelly you would find at williams sonoma or harry and david or trader joes.

Since it only takes a few minutes to prepare you can make it just before taco time for maximum freshness 7 salsa verde this homemade salsa verde is so much better than store bought varieties made with fresh and flavorful ingredients salsa verde is super easy to make and is sure to be a hit next taco tuesday.

Easy shrimp tacos are the perfect simple dinner for busy weeknights plump juicy shrimp are cooked in a flavorful spice blend then wrapped in warm flour tortillas and piled high with your favorite toppings you may also like these grilled bbq chicken tacos breakfast tacos baked chicken tacos spicy blackened salmon tacos these smoky fish hellip.

It makes the house smell amazing as everyone is waking up to start the day we usually have company during the holidays and this is an easy breakfast to prepare it is especially easy if the pie shell is made or bought and the sausage is cooked the night before bake pie shell for 7 minutes if using a frozen pie shell let it stand at 10.