It rsquo s no secret that persistent chronic inflammation mdash no matter where it occurs in the body mdash spells trouble for our long term health goals cancer heart hellip.

3 celery in recent pharmacological studies benefits of celery include both antioxidant and anti inflammatory abilities that help improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as prevent heart disease celery seeds mdash which can be found either in whole seed form extract form or ground up mdash have impressive health benefits on their own as they help to hellip.

By regularly incorporating a variety of anti inflammatory foods into your diet you can reduce the risk of chronic inflammation a process associated with many chronic health conditions to learn more about the specifics of the anti inflammatory diet read our hellip.

We now know that most diseases today are due to inflammation inflammation damages your cells and arterials walls and can cause all kinds of problems including chronic inflammatory conditions like cardiovascular diseases and arthritis by reducing inflammation your body is better able to heal from disease one of the top ways to decrease inflammation is to hellip.

They may reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases type 2 diabetes obesity heart disease and other conditions this article explores how hellip.

The mediterranean diet which has been recognized as one of the healthiest diets in the world is packed with some of the best anti inflammatory foods in fact research has identified the mediterranean diet as the closest thing to an anti inflammatory diet because of its emphasis on including plenty of fruits and veggies whole grains lean protein sources herbs hellip.

Some health oriented biological effects are attributed to their antioxidant potency flavonoids have been shown to possess antioxidant properties within in vitro experimental systems and anti inflammatory immune modulator antiviral antiallergic hellip.