Theyre among the best apples for applesauce salads eating out of hand and pressing into cider golden delicious two golden delicious apples credit meredith the golden delicious is sweet with a rich mellow flavor it is one of the best all around cooking apples as hellip.

The best apples for baking keep their structure which keeps the chunks of fruit from turning into bland pockets of apple mush after spending some time in the oven.

Apple malus domestica fruit of the domesticated tree malus domestica family rosaceae one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits the apple is a pome fleshy fruit in which the ripened ovary and surrounding tissue both become fleshy and edible the apple flower of most varieties requires cross pollination for fertilization when harvested apples are usually roundish 5 ndash 10 cm 2.

Snacking on perfectly crisp fresh apples or baking them into one of these incredible apple desserts is one of the greatest pleasures of eating but if you rsquo re slicing them you know you rsquo re on the clock to get them served up before those unappetizing brown spots appear cue sad trombone sound the good news is there rsquo s a crazy easy way to keep those apples looking white and wonderful.

This article tells you whether apples make you lose or gain weight low calorie density apples boast a lot of water in fact a medium sized apple consists of about 86 water.

The best apples for baking while the apples above are great all purpose apples other apple varieties are best reserved for baking only also known as cooking apples these varieties often have a tart flavor that helps offset sugary baked goods the best cooking apples can generally hold up to baking without becoming unpleasantly mushy or too wet.