What is salisbury steak salisbury steak is a dish that has been around for years it is a famous dish that is simple to make with loads of flavor it usually consists of a homemade hamburger patty smothered in a rich and flavorful brown gravy served with noodles or mashed potatoes.

Philly cheesesteak with tender ribeye steak melted gooey provolone and caramelized onions hugged by a toasted garlic butter hoagie roll this is the classic way to make a philly cheesesteak sandwich we love re creating restaurant quality sandwiches like french dip and burgers this cheesesteak recipe is easier than you think.

This is a really easy recipe for how to make gravy using just water the secret is to use both chicken and beef stock cubes for the best flavour and a nice deep brown colour takes 4 minutes flat tastes like kfc gravy ndash but so much better no pan drippings required note recently i rsquo ve also created a tasty variation mushroom gravy.

Russet potatoes ndash buy cheap russet potatoes for this recipe it works the best white onion ndash diced white onion flavors this soup if you have people who don rsquo t like chunks of onions don rsquo t worry they will get blended up in this recipe seasonings ndash whole garlic cloves and pepper the whole garlic cloves will get blended up so don rsquo t fret.