Transcript example 21 find the domain of the function f x 2 3 5 2 5 4 f x x2 3x 5 x2 5x 4 x2 3x 5 x2 4x 4 x2 3x 5 x 4 1 4 x2 3x 5 4 x 1 in real numbers the denominator cannot be zero hence x 4 x 1 0 x 4 and x 1 hence the domain of the function will be all real numbers except 1 and 4 hence the domain r.

For example if you provide detailed biographical essays or a study guide then you would use ldquo annotated rdquo authors name remember to include the name of the person who authored the public domain work contributors for example you can select hellip.

Example this example demonstrates how to support pre flight requests such as those with custom headers or methods other than get and post to support custom headers and additional http verbs use the allowed methods and allowed headers sections as shown in the following example.