Halloumi and zucchini frittata a tasty combination of zucchini and fresh herbs goes so well with salty halloumi cheese in this easy frittata says diana moutsopoulos halloumi and zucchini frittata photo by diana moutsopoulos spaghetti frittata.

Mediterranean low carb diet foods fish seafood shellfish shrimp squid and fish are staples of the mediterranean diet especially fish rich in healthy omega 3 fatty acids like salmon tuna and mackerel protein chicken and eggs are featured proteins in the low carb version of this diet healthy fats olive oil avocado nuts and seeds are satisfying additions to hellip.

Halloumi mushroom and chorizo tacos tacos aren rsquo t exactly mediterranean but halloumi is the salty goat cheese originates from cyprus hellip.

Salty smoky grilled halloumi is the star of this tasty satisfying vegetarian option for the grill bright zucchini sweet corn nutty millet hellip.

Discover our impressive collection of healthy food and drink ideas for every occasion used by more than 3 million home cooks every month 1 whether you rsquo re looking for high protein strict keto moderate or liberal low carb recipes or if you rsquo re just looking for a healthier dessert option ndash we rsquo ve got you covered.

Flan aux fruits secs et a la banane in 11 minutes hello everybody i hope you rsquo re having an amazing day today today i will show you a way to make a special dish flan aux fruits secs et a la banane.

Paired with poached eggs and whole wheat toast cottage cheese has become the de facto way to dress up a healthy breakfast however regular cottage cheese might be high in sodium so opt for the.

Im sharing 32 weeks of dinner meal plans thats 224 different recipes all of my favorites ones we love to eat during busy weeks enjoy.

Serve as a side condiment with scrambled eggs omelette and frittata use as a topping on a burger meatballs hot dog sausages use as a flavour enhancer over freshly baked pizza spread over salmon or white fish fillets and bake in the oven serve as a delicious flavour condiment with tacos lettuce wraps and nori sushi rolls.

It rsquo s usually sold in a traditional oval shape it rsquo s firm and squeaky similar to halloumi cheese there is probably a very small chance that you can find this cheese outside of poland so you can substitute it with any other smoked sheep rsquo s cheese or just smoked cheese like smoked gouda smoked cheddar or smoked mozzarella or scamorza.

Origin of the drink pina colada is a puerto rican pineapple coconut drink ndash in 1978 it was named puerto rico rsquo s national drink its name means ldquo strained pineapple rdquo in spanish referring to the freshly pressed and strained pineapple used in the drink rsquo s preparation.

I have been making this cake for christmas eve dessert for many years it rsquo s a perfect cake for christmas it resembles a traditional fruit cake but doesn rsquo t have to be made ahead of time and is more modern and lighter than an english fruit cake it is best after resting for about 24 hours so.

Urban legend has it that foods like pineapple make your cum or vagina taste good while stuff like stinky cheese makes your junk taste rank to find out if hellip.

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