Stir in the potatoes carrots corn and green beans add worcestershire hot sauce and seasonings to taste stir cover and simmer over medium to medium low low bubble for 1 1 2 to 2 hours or until veggies are tender stirring occasionally taste and adjust seasonings as needed hobo stew can be served as is or spooned over rice or mashed.

Hobo dinner foil packets are so simple to make and everyone raves about them comforting veggies including potatoes carrots and onions are topped with a seasoned hamburger patty and grilled or baked to tender perfection i do love fresh green beans bell peppers and brussels sprouts you can substitute ground turkey in place of ground.

What to serve with hobo dinners serve a variety of things with hobo dinners enjoy this recipe with roasted vegetables like asparagus potatoes green beans and more you can also make some stew to have on the side or enjoy with a side of bread or salad some other recipes that will be perfect with hobo dinners are homemade whole wheat rolls.

More on lima beans also known as butter beans lima beans have a buttery like texture and a delicate flavor that is unique these oblong shaped beans have a flat pod that typically is green but can come in other colors such as black purple or white.

Slow cooker hobo beans recipe 6 hrs ratings texas bean bake with ground beef 90 mins ratings 11 ways to use pinto beans 28 bean recipes that are hearty and delicious low calorie baked beans 35 mins ratings slow cooker calico beans 3 hrs ratings easy slow cooker chicken chili.

For zero cleanup time grill green beans in a foil pack also called a hobo pack fold a 36x18 inch piece of heavy duty foil in half to make an 18 inch square place prepped green beans in center of foil season beans as desired and drizzle with oil bring up opposite edges of foil seal with a double fold.

A couple years ago i built some ldquo buddy burner rdquo hobo stoves with some scouts out of coffee and large beans cans and we had to throw them all hellip.

Bomba rice is a short grain starchy type and its ideal texture is tender but chewy in the center like al dente pasta try not to overcook use the shrimp shells and chorizo ends to hellip.