I think mashed sweet potatoes are underrated regular old mashed potatoes tend to get all of the attention sure i like mashed potatoes but i think mashed sweet potatoes are much better than the classic side dish so today i am putting the hellip.

While mashed potatoes shouldnt be a replacement for try one of these thanksgiving or other holiday foods that are safer for dogs instead ina gartens easy potato gratin only calls for.

Mashed potatoes will always have a place at my holiday table it rsquo s always a favorite and disappears so quickly there rsquo s just no recipe that rsquo s quite as creamy or simple i rsquo ve made a lot of mashed potatoes recipes over the years cheesy vegan mashed potatoes and crock pot mashed potatoes with garlic butter are both great but boy this.

Put the potatoes and the 2 tsp salt in a large pot add water to cover the potatoes by 3 inches and bring to a boil over medium high heat reduce the heat to medium low and gently cook the potatoes until they are tender when pierced with a hellip.

The best mashed potatoes without milk potatoes butter why this mashed potatoes without milk recipe works easy to make ndash only two ingredients the most tender and smooth mashed potatoes no milk or cream needed when you use the right potatoes and a potato ricer can be made dairy free with earth balance or other non dairy substitute ingredients for hellip.

Making mashed potatoes ahead of time mashed potatoes are guaranteed to be on the table at all of the big holiday meals like easter thanksgiving and christmas these potatoes also work well when having a dinner with friends and serving farmhouse pot roast or baked pork chops.

The end result is healthy mashed potatoes that are much lighter than traditional mashed potatoes but taste just as good potatoes are truly the big hero side dish on thanksgiving but it doesn rsquo t mean it has to be big on calories i love the creamy buttery texture and garlicky flavor of these mashed potatoes that just melts in your mouth.

Crockpot mashed potatoes i cook meat as my main course a lot there are so many different recipes and if i can find meat that falls off of the bone easily then it rsquo s a winner in my book but hellip when cooking a big meal like that then i need my side dishes to be just as delicious the thing is they can rsquo t take too much work.

3 embellish the mashed potatoes before freezing them while mashed potatoes don rsquo t freeze well as is they do freeze well if you add some goodies to them take a look at the recipe below for all the specifics when made like that they do freeze well or at the very least you can make them a few days before your holiday meal refrigerate.

The ricer and a few simple tips and you will be a mashed potatoes rock star my best tips for perfect no lump mashed potatoes peel potatoes especially for holiday menus save the rustic look for a different time start potatoes in cold water cook all the way through to fork tender but don rsquo t cook so much that they are water logged scald.

The best mashed potatoes mdash buttery creamy perfect mashed potatoes that rival your favorite restaurant rsquo s version but easy and ready in 45 minutes the quintessential holiday side dish for thanksgiving christmas or a great hellip.

It wouldn rsquo t be the holidays without mashed potatoes this easy and cheesy recipe is just what you need this holiday season the best holiday side dish it rsquo s hard to imagine the holiday season without mashed potatoes this perfect side dish is a necessity for enjoying roasted turkey with fresh cranberry sauce and gravy.

Most thanksgiving menus consist of some kind of mashed potato dish mdash like ree drummonds creamy mashed potatoes a quick instant pot mashed potatoes or something with added flavor like roasted garlic mashed potatoes but lets face it when it comes to thanksgiving leftovers mashed potatoes often get relegated to a quick zap in the microwave and while hellip.

How to make mashed potatoes first roast the garlic in a 350 degree oven until the cloves are deeply brown and tender this could take up to 60 minutes tip you can easily do this step ahead of time wrapped in foil the roasted garlic will keep for 3 days in the fridge then peel the potatoes if you love creamy mashed potatoes peeling is.

Others point to the english who mashed potatoes and served them with pan drippings in the 1600s one of the earliest recipes for this holiday staple is found in the art of cookery made plain and.

These mashed sweet potatoes are ready in 20 minutes and great for weeknight meal or festive holiday dinner why are these mashed sweet potatoes healthy these mashed sweet potatoes are deliciously creamy and still only amount to around 130 calories a serving low fat milk is used in the place of cream but you don rsquo t have to skip the butter.

How to make creamy oven baked mashed potatoes you rsquo ll need 10 large russet or yukon gold potatoes those are the best potatoes since they are higher in starch they rsquo ll give you smooth and fluffy mashed potatoes the potatoes are peeled and chopped they rsquo re boiled until quite soft the the potatoes are transferred to a bowl and mashed.

The texture of yukon gold potatoes is so creamy that i rsquo ll never use russet potatoes in my mashed potatoes again the difference is life changing i always add garlic in my mashed potatoes for flavor i used to use roasted garlic which is always good but it rsquo s time consuming.

However you could also use red potatoes and yukon golds for making mashed potatoes with skin if this is the case you rsquo ll only need to cut these potato varieties into 2 4 pieces before boiling if this is the case you rsquo ll only need to cut these potato varieties into 2 hellip.

Classic yukon gold mashed potatoes prepared with heavy cream unsalted butter salt pepper and garnished with fresh chives this easy mashed potatoes recipe is perfect for the holiday season and pairs well with just about everything add tang with a touch of creme fraiche sour cream or splash of buttermilk.

Expert tip mashed potatoes with skin like these made with yukon gold are real time savers because theres no peeling any thin skinned potato can be mashed without peeling red potatoes work too the red peels make for more rustic mashed potatoes start potatoes in cold water to cover boil the potatoes in salted water.

Russet potatoes the classic brown skinned ones used for baked potatoes are the classic go to for mashed potatoes but you dont have hellip.

And these mashed potatoes are seriously good this isn rsquo t a holiday shortcut just for the sake of taking a shortcut mashed potatoes made in a pressure cooker mdash similar to ones made in the slow cooker mdash come out smooth and flavorful each time plus thanks to the ldquo keep warm rdquo setting i never worry about serving cold mashed potatoes.

To freeze leftover mashed potatoes allow to cool then place in a freezer safe bag freeze for up to 2 months to reheat frozen mashed potatoes place frozen mashed potatoes in a casserole dish cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes remove foil stir and add in 1 2 tablespoons additional milk.