Place all of your mulled wine ingredients in your chosen cooking vessel if youre making mulled wine on the stove place the lid on the pot and put over medium to medium low heat if using a slow cooker set it to high initially heat the mulled wine gently and avoid letting it come to a simmer or boil which can cause the mulled wine to turn.

2 supplement after dinner with the root cause building smoothie 1 avocado 300 calories 1 cup coconut milk 150 calories 1 banana 100 calories 2 egg yolks 100 calories if tolerated 1 scoop of protein of beef pea protein 60 calories ndash you can also add cooked sweet potatoes if you need more carbs 3 get tested for gut infections.

Serves 4 6 prep 15 mins cook 35 mins easy 1 red onion halved and thinly sliced 1 lime juiced pinch of sugar 4 sausages 6 rashers streaky bacon 200g tortilla chips 200g cooked chicken or turkey chopped 100g cranberry sauce 150g melty cheese use anything from the cheeseboard such as cheddar brie red leicester or stilton 1 tsp olive oil.