Generally the ip address is 192 168 100 1 or 192 168 1 1 as shown in the following figure huawei hg8245h login guide open your web browser type 192 168 100 1 the default ip for accessing the management interface in the address bar of your internet browser to access the routers web based user interface.

192 168 0 1 the 192 168 0 1 is an ip address widely used in the local networks this ip address is classified as the private ip address many router manufacturers also use this ip address as the default router ip address the 192 168 0 1 also serves as the default gateway for the local network this ip address can also be used by the admin to.

I have a huawei ax3 pro quad core router ive tried everything from dmz static ips port forwarding and port triggering and nothing works 168.